July 14, 2010

•Tim McLaughlin

1. New Listings

2. Pitches, Wants and Needs

3. Caravan

• Sherry Roberts, Fieldstone Escrow

• Mike Hartunian & Joe Parisi Update


You will be hearing more details in the coming weeks. BEGINNING JULY 13th you can expect to see a different log in screen.

In addition, you will no longer be able to save your log in ID, as this technology involves keystroke recognition and will require you to type your user ID and password with each log in. Understanding and capturing keystroke dynamics will allow you, as our respected members, the freedom of security without the addition of extra hardware such as a key fob.

As this security initiative moves forward, SoCalMLS will provide you with more detailed information about how it will work

•Consumer-focused real estate app now available for iPhone

“AgentNTouch™ is the modern-day equivalent of the refrigerator magnet, Post-it® note, notepad, or any other of the myriad marketing materials that REALTORS® have used in the past to promote their businesses,”

•California tax assessments of homes to go down

Chances are the assessed value of your property just dropped.County assessors statewide are releasing this year’s property tax rolls – the total assessed value of all properties in a given county – and most are lower than last year.

•Supra ekey for iphone

Soon you will be able to use your iPhone to open Supra lockboxes. There is a one time fee of $55 to purchase the iPhone adapter. To use the eKEY software there is a monthly key fee like our other keys. The monthly key fee varies by Board or MLS

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