Calabasas – June 8, 2010

1.  Marketing:

  • Are you blogging and then creating a monthly newsletter from your blogs?  Let marketing help you design your unique look.
  • What blogs actually get traffic? (hint, think never seen before)

2.  Dodger Game is this Saturday evening, if you are on the winning team, please RSVP to Sheryl.  Next Friday evening is Hollywood Bowl for the 1st place teams.

3.  Facility update.

4.  Xpress Docs change effective June 21st.  You will still be able to use your prior templates with Merrill, but new branded formats will only be available through Xpress Docs.

5.  Blogger of the week. Madeleine Miller, “Anti Terrorist Training Camp In Woodland Hills.”

6.  Fieldstone Financial, Michele Stanisch…

7.  Ernie, legal issue of the week.

8.  Wants and Needs.

Did you know? Today is the 4th Anniversary of the opening of our Sherman Oaks office.  They will be having lunch provided today, so drop by and enjoy lunch while you do some networking.

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