1.  Client Newsletter available now.  Digital or snail mail available. $80/100 full color two sides.

2.  Web Video Tool presentation.

3.  Please sign up for one on one meeting with Roger if you have not yet done so.

4.  Web Assistant program is new and improved.  $29 special set up until April 1, then $19 per month.  Includes traditional web sites and Listing Book statistics.

5.  Blogger Of The Week, Sherry Radis “Kids Club Events At The Commons” .

6.  Listing Book, training Today.

Hilton Garden Inn

Beginners                  12:00 until 1:30

Intermediate                    1:30until  3:0

7.  Prospect Mortgage, Michelle.

8.  Ernie, legal issues.

9. Great Real Estate Challenge.  Are you earning your francs?

10. Wants and Needs.

Did you know? The is now receiving nearly 8,000 visits per month and 16,000 page views.

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