1. Fidelity Title, Lisa, Vicky and Anthony
Short Sale skit (as performed by Connie Reed, President of CVAR and our own Lisa Englund –Irma will read Connie’s part)
2. Congratulations! Beryl Mann received her 30 year pin from CVAR and Sher Hann received her 20 year pin.
3. Calabasas Agenda Review
4. Agoura and Calabasas Holiday Party Dec. 17, 2009 at Tomer’s in Calabasas. Bring a favorite food.
5. Holiday Party – Dec. 18, 2009 at Noon; Potluck and $10 Gift exchange Come and have fun. Bring a can of food for Manna
6. “Stockings for Soldiers” Our 12 Stockings have been filled by the Good Elves. If you care to donate towards postage the project would appreciate it (See the fishbowl at Courtney’s desk)
7. Hanukkah begins at sundown on today – Happy Hanukkah
8. We will have an office cocktail party in January for agents and spouses or significant others. Staff gets to come too. Brownie too.
9. Mortgage – Brownie (Prospect Mortgage)
10. Haves, Needs and Wants.
11. Caravan List

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