November 4, 2009

1.  Twitter class, TODAY at 1:00 pm.  Everyone who attends will get a free Twix candy bar.  No kidding, I’m serious about this.


2.  Our new web site design is now live.  Check it out


3.  Altos Market Research, Jeff Biebuyck.


          4.  All LA Times color photo box ads are now $49 each.  Expires December 31. 


5.  Blogger Of The Week Award 


6.  Fieldstone Escrow, Kalin.


8.  Prospect Mortgage, Michelle.


9.  Food Pantry collections, please see Karen Lee.


10. Combined office meeting next Wednesday 9:30 at Prospect Mortgage

We will be reviewing recent changes in lending policies that will affect your buyers in 2010.  Also a discussion on our new Marketing Initiatives for 2010.  You will want to be there.


          11. Wants and Needs.


Did you know?    Annual Thankgiving Potluck luncheon is scheduled for Friday the 20th.  Sign ups are by the mailboxes.

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