October 7, 2009 Office Meeting Agenda


October 7, 2009


1.  Please lock the doors and activate alarm if you are the last to leave.


2.  Blogger’s Meeting Schedule

                   Wednesday Oct 14, Sherman Oaks    1:00 pm

                   Friday                   Oct 16, Calabasas            2:00 pm

                   Next meeting will be in November


3.  LA Times cover schedule

          Saturday      Nov 14 


4.  Listing Book class today at 1:00 PM


4.  Blogger Of The Week Award – Cindy Libonati

     Developing Woodland Hills.


5.  Just Because… drawing.


6.  Fieldstone Escrow 


7.  Prospect Mortgage


8.  Legal Issue of the day.  Ernie

          1.  Buyer/Broker Agreements

2.  Arms Length Disclosure Form.  Reminder, required on all Short Sale Transactions.


          9.  Wants and Needs.

Did you know?   Search …………homes for sale on Google

Old Agoura                                             Pg 1  #2

The Oaks of Calabasas                        Pg1  #1

 Calabasas                                               Pg1  #1

Hidden Hills                                           Pg4  #1

Calabasas Park Estates                       Pg1  #4

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