1.  Welcome Shala Arya and Agnes Nahmias  
2.  Blogger’s Meeting Schedule
          Wed   Sept   16      1:00 PM Sherman Oaks

          Fri     Sept   18      2;00 PM Calabasas

          Wed   Sept   30      1:00 PM Sherman Oaks

          Fri     Oct    2        2:00 PM Calabasas

 3.  Annual Legal Review make up class TOMORROW 10:00 AM

     This will be the only make up class available.

 4.  Fieldstone Escrow 

 5.  Prospect Mortgage

 6.  Administration

A.  If you are utilizing the services of Liz to coordinate your file, you must indicate this on the New Escrow Information Sheet.

B.  4 Page Seller Property Questionnaire, is the new form.  You no longer need the Supplemental Statutory Disclosure.

C.     6.  Wants and Needs.

 Did you know?   3,159           Visits to in our first

                             9,978           Page views

                             4m 26 sec    Average time on site

             30%            Visits from Google.

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