9-2-09 Agenda – Calabasas


September 2, 2009

1. Marketing…why do we do it?

             LA Times Cover Schedule

             Sun Sept 6   Front     

2.  Social Media.  

3.  Blogger’s Meeting Schedule

    Wed     Sept     2   1:00 PM Sherman Oaks

    Friday   Sept     4   2:00 PM Calabasas

    Wed Sept     16 1:00 PM Sherman Oaks

    Fri Sept     18 2;00 PM Calabasas

    Wed Sept     30 1:00 PM Sherman Oaks

    Fri Oct 2   2:00 PM Calabasas

4.  Annual Legal Review make up class Thursday, September 17, 10:00 AM

     This will be the only make up class available.

5.  Fieldstone Escrow 

  6.  Prospect Mortgage

   7.  Wants and Needs.



Did you know?          Lead Router YTD Results:  Closed Transactions   7

                               Phone Offers     315

                               Accepted     212

                               Reassigned       6

                               Bogus            56

                               Dead         109

                               Uncubating       6

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