8-26-09 Agenda – Calabasas


August 26, 2009

1. Marketing…why do we do it?

             LA Times Cover Schedule

             Sat Sept 5   Front

             Sun Sept 6   Front     

2.  You must turn in sales files within 48 hours of obtaining signatures.  Do not hold them, even if short sale waiting for approval.

3.  Social Media.  New ewingSIR.com web site and some community web sites launched this past weekend. 

4.  Fieldstone Escrow 

5.  Prospect Mortgage

    6.  Wants and Needs.


Did you know?          Since August 10, ewingSIR.com web site had:


4,824 Page Views

1,298 Visits

5.5 minutes average time on our site.

1 visit from Ukraine

1 visit from Saudi Arabia

2 visits from India


             Where did these visitors to our web site come from?


Direct       48%

Google       20%

Realtor.com  10%

Sothebys.com 5%

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