7-21-09 Agenda – Calabasas


July 21, 2009




  1. Marketing…why do we do it?


Offerings coming in August, distributed in Homes & Land.


                             LA Times Cover Schedule


                             Sat Aug 8     Front

                             Sat Sept 5    Front

                             Sun Sept 6   Front  


     2.  Competition, View.


3.  Annual Legal Update is schedule for Tuesday, August 11

SAVE THE DATE.  This is a must attend meeting.


4.  90 Day Action Plan


5.  Fieldstone Escrow 


6.  Prospect Mortgage


     7.  Wants and Needs.


Did you know? 


Don’t rely ONLY on social media to make sales for you.

The most frequently identified methods of gathering information to make purchase decisions are using a company website (36%), face-to-face communication with a salesperson or other company representative (22%), and face-to-face communication with a person not associated with the company (21%).  Harris Interactive Survey

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