The First Step in Building Your Real Estate Community Blog

By James Kimmons,

There are articles and blog posts all over the Web about blogging for real estate. Most of the “experts” agree that blogging can be very effective if done properly. They also agree that 90% of all the real estate blogs started up will die a quiet death. One of the reasons is the commitment in time and effort for the agent or broker.

I’ve also written a lot about the value of real estate blogging, and you can read many articles in this section about why blogs are better than static web sites, how to supercharge your real estate business with a blog, and using a blog for a newsletter to replace drip email.

The first Realtor in the area to recognize the networking potential of a community blog, and to get one up and running, will likely seal in a lead that others will be unable to overcome in the future. Yes, you might have to have someone proof your real estate writing for grammar and spelling. Or, if the budget is available, I’ll show you where to hire real estate writing freelancers to post for you. However, you can do this yourself if you want to.

The best part is that a successful real estate blog that is community focused will actually have much more non-real estate content than the other way around. And this community content will largely come from the people and businesses of the community.


  • Local government will send you meeting minutes and planning notes.
  • Neighborhood and subdivision associations will let you post up their announcements and newsletter content. They’ll likely send you the word processor file too.
  • Clubs and organizations will contribute announcements, information and event notifications.
  • Social and other groups, like the animal shelter, will appreciate exposure and contribute material.
  • A properly set up calendar will invite event posting by others without your involvement.
  • Local business will contribute articles about their products and services.
  • You’re getting the idea, and there are likely many more opportunities in your communities.

The point is that you should try to be the first in your area to implement this strategy, thus locking in a lead that you’ll likely hold forever. I’ll show you step-by-step exactly how to set up a community real estate blog site with little cost and awesome networking power for the future. The next step is to get set up to begin the process. This will involve getting the right hosting service that is set up for easy WordPress blog software installation. Take that step now.

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